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Teaterfabriken is

Actor: Daniel Scherp

Musician: Kalle Källman

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+46 (0) 70-456 04 49



c/o Kalle Källman

Branta Stigen 15

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Daniel Scherp +46 (0) 70-456 04 49

Kalle Källman +46 (0) 73-664 23 21

We made our way deep into the mythical Finn forests

where superstition and sorcery, famine and

lawlessness is rampant. The growing industrialization

profiteers forcing those who live in the fringes of

society to supply charcoal. The hot, smoldering

pits and the simple forest huts become a rich

repository for interesting stories from Finnmark.

Thanks to the sharp pencil of Dan Andersson we

can take part of some amazing stories that

holds remarkable human stories and hard living

conditions. "Charcoal burners stories" are produced

by the Theater Factory.

Charcoal burners stories

by Dan Andersson

TEATERFABRIKEN, the Theater Factory, was formed in 2009 and first seen 2010.

Nils Ferlin & Bohemians in Klara  

by Teaterfabriken and friends                              Teaser

Stockholm in early 20th century. "Nils Ferlin & Bohemians in Klara" are produced by Teaterfabriken.

Bellman the story  

by C. M. Bellman

Stockholm in mid 18th century. "Historien om Bellman" are produced by Teaterfabriken.